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Privacy Policy


We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. This privacy policy explains how we collect, use, and share your personal information when you visit our website or use our services.


What personal information do we collect?

We collect personal information from you when you submit a form on our website, place an order, or contact us for support. The personal information we collect may include your name, email address, phone number, and mailing address.

How do we use your personal information?

We use your personal information to provide you with the services you have requested, such as processing your orders or providing you with support. We may also use your personal information to send you marketing emails or to contact you about special offers.

How do we share your personal information?

We do not currently share your personal information with any third parties. However, we may share your personal information with a CRM system in the future. We will obtain your consent before sharing your personal information with any third parties.

How long do we retain your personal information?

We retain your personal information for as long as necessary to provide you with the services you have requested or for as long as required by law.

What are your rights?

You have the right to access, correct, erase, and restrict the processing of your personal information. You also have the right to port your data to another company.

Security measures

We take a number of security measures to protect your personal information, including:

  • Encryption: We encrypt all data at rest and in transit.

  • Access controls: We restrict who has access to your personal information.

  • Security monitoring: We monitor our systems for suspicious activity.

  • Security audits: We conduct regular security audits of our systems and applications.

  • Security team: We have a team of security experts who are responsible for protecting your personal information.

  • Using strong passwords: We use strong passwords for our systems and accounts.

  • Keeping our software up to date: We keep our software up to date with the latest security patches.

  • Educating our staff: We educate our staff on security best practices.

You can also take steps to protect your personal information, such as using strong passwords and keeping your software up to date.


Changes to this privacy policy

We may update this privacy policy from time to time. If we make any significant changes, we will notify you by email or by posting a notice on our website.


Transfer of personal data to Ukraine

The admin of this website is located in Ukraine. This means that your personal data may be transferred to Ukraine. Ukraine is not currently an EU member state, but it is a candidate country. This means that Ukraine is working to align its data protection laws with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We have taken steps to protect your personal data when it is transferred to Ukraine. For example, we use standard contractual clauses (SCCs) to ensure that your personal data is protected by the same standards as it is in the EU.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us at

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